Braga, Portugal

On January 26th I took a CP Intercidades train to Braga, Portugal. It was the gloomiest day I’d seen yet, the sky was overcast and it was pouring with rain. Nevertheless, I had a really lovely day in the city: Braga is different to the other places I’ve been to in Portugal. It isn’t as busy as Lisbon, it isn’t as scenic as Porto, but it has it’s own character. It’s historical, the architecture is super pretty, and everybody there seems to be moving slowly through the city: it’s the most relaxed place I’ve visited yet. The weather was an obstacle in visiting the tourist points in Braga, but I wandered down the Avenida Central, did a spot of shopping and had a Galão in a quaint little coffee shop. (If you’re ever in Portugal, order a Galão, it is the best coffee you’ll ever taste!) I have left some photographs down below, hopefully the terrible weather hasn’t taken too much away from Braga’s beauty!


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