Salamanca, Spain

Another day, another Spanish city! This time I travelled 2 hours north to Salamanca, a city I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while now. It certainly didn’t disappoint, it’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be! The city, with its many churches and cathedrals, is a chorus of bells. It bustles with people of all ages, from retirees to students, with the city being home to the oldest University in the country. The city is a  mixture of historical and cultural innovation, and one thing I will say is that it feels stereotypically Spanish, and I write that with the greatest of intentions. Everything that personifies Spain and Spanish identity is concentrated into this one, compact city. There is so much history, so many great places to sample authentic Spanish food and of course, Sangria! The city is filled with art, education and heritage. We took a trip to the Cathedral of Salamanca, and had hot chocolate at Salamanca Coffee. We wandered through the Plaza Mayor (very similar to that of Madrid!) and saw the entire city by hopping on a tourist train. We worked our way round the many convents, churches and other religious buildings and bought souvenirs from the many shops on Salamanca’s answer to Gran VíaIn all, Salamanca is a beautiful, quintessentially Spanish city that everybody should make a trip to given the opportunity!



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