The Barcelona Diaries | Part One: Montjuïc

As promised in my previous travel post, today marks the first post in my ‘Barcelona Diaries’ series, and I’m starting with a beautiful area of the city: Montjuïc. We took a tourist bus around the city to make a list of all of the places we wanted to visit and explore, and Montjuïc was definitely at the top of my list. The viewpoints seemed to be absolutely gorgeous, and I was dying to reach the top and look back down on the entirety of Barcelona. After doing some googling, we soon learnt that it’s possible to take a cable car to the peak of the mountain, in total there are three stops, and the view from each stop was absolutely stunning.

From googling the cable car itself, we found that if you book your tickets online, you receive 10% discount, and after doing this our tickets were approximately €11 each (from the bottom to the top of Montjuïc and back again). You should be aware though, that if you book your tickets online, you need to print off the confirmation to hand in at the cable car station, otherwise the attendants won’t give you your tickets. There are ‘printing points’ around the city, which they will give you information about in the email. Alternatively, you can visit an internet cafe, which is what we did: there are many scattered around the city.


There are two types of cable cars that you can take in the city: the one which takes you to the peak of Montjuïc (the one that I took), and another which takes you over Port Vell. I wish that we’d have had time to do this one, too, as Port Vell is a gorgeous place. Once reaching the peak of Montjuïc, we didn’t realise but there was the Castell de Montjuïc (Montjuïc Castle). The lighting wasn’t cooperating as it was late afternoon and the sun was behind the castle, and so photographs didn’t seem to be possible, but it was a lovely surprise. There is also a lovely nature trail/pathway at the top, which you can walk round and have a stunning view over the port, and of course over the city in general: definitely worth it!



14 thoughts on “The Barcelona Diaries | Part One: Montjuïc

  1. Gorgeous photos, Grace. Did you get to experience the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc? I missed out on it because I was always taking the train to elsewhere on the very days that I could have caught a show :-/


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