The Barcelona Diaries | Part Five: Park Güell

Today I post the fifth and final part of The Barcelona Diaries, and I’m even a little sad that they are over! I had the greatest time in Barcelona, even though at this point in June, my holiday to Barcelona was a little under 3 months ago! I have definitely saved the best for last, as this place was not only my favourite place that I visited in Barcelona, but possibly in the world. The beauty of Park Güell is as undeniable as the beauty of La Sagrada Família: Gaudí is a genius. I absolutely fell in love with his architecture at this point, and his style and technique was consistent with the artistic elements of La Sagrada Família.


If you are planning on going to Park Güell, you should note that the nature reserve part of the park is open, and free to the public, but should you want to enter the central reservation of the park which contains Gaudí‘s architecture, you need to buy a ticket. You should book them in advance, online as it is quicker and easier, and much like the Sagrada Família, it saves a lot of waiting time. The ticket cost around €7 per person, and if you show your email confirmation when you arrived you will be permitted entrance. It should be noted that only 400 people are permitted into the park at a time, and so with each ticket you are given a half an hour window to enter the park (the timings are your choice).



10 thoughts on “The Barcelona Diaries | Part Five: Park Güell

  1. The pictures are stunning! I’ve been wanting to go to Barcelona for a long time. And I’m quite close, I should get going lol 7€ is pretty cheap for such beauty! Thank you for showing us 😉

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