Rome, Italy

It’s been a little while since I last wrote a travel post, not least because I hadn’t done much travelling in 2019. That was until December, when I decided it was time for a trip; somewhere new, somewhere I’d always wanted to go. That place was Rome. Rome has been on my bucket list since first watching one of my favourite Audrey classics, Roman Holiday (1953). It’s safe to say that Rome was just as magical as I imagined it to be! Italian culture has a certain charm that I feel you may not find elsewhere: elegance and class yet quirkiness and character. Of course, we visited the most famous of monuments, including the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Spanish steps and much, much more. But we also wandered down small, almost unnoticeable side streets to sample some of Rome’s best pasta and ventured onto the Via di S. Giovanni for cocktails in the heart of Rome’s LGBTQ+ community. We climbed Palatine Hill and enjoyed the views from the top, we explored the Roman Forum and we wandered down some of Rome’s most expensive shopping streets. Every corner turned presented another scene from Roman Holiday, beautiful Italian women in incredible couture outfits and a pizzeria on every corner. For those of you interested in organising a trip to Rome, I could not recommend the hostel that we stayed in more: Hostel Freedom Traveller. Conveniently located nearby to Termini, Rome’s railway station, and only a short walk away from all tourist attractions, it was perfect for us. Whilst it is a hostel, there is also the option to book a private room (with or without an en-suite). The value for money is incredible, the staff are helpful and super lovely and the hostel is extremely social and a great way to meet and chat to new people. In all, Rome has left me with a desire to go back to Italy and a new found addiction for Caprese salads.




One thought on “Rome, Italy

  1. Amazing photos…really gives an overview of the place. Never been there myself… actually chose not to go (big city anathema syndrome). My most fav places in Italy were Sienna and Asissi!


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