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Word on the Water: The London Bookbarge

Word on the Water
Regent’s Canal Towpath, Kings Cross, London N1C 4LW

I recently moved to London, a city I love and have written about many a time before, to begin a new career in the Film industry. Not only have a fallen in love with London itself and all it has to offer, but I have also visited many a bookshop since living here. It is no secret that Daunt Books in Marylebone has been my favourite book shop for a long time, I dedicated a post to the store which you can read by clicking here. However, dare I say, I may have found a new favourite…

I took a stroll down Regent’s Canal from Angel through to King’s Cross on the premise of visiting Word on the Water, not really too sure what to expect. It was my birthday, so I knew I wanted to treat myself to a new book or two. When I arrived, I was charmed by the quaint little barge that managed to house so many books. Both on the outside of the barge and in the cosy interior, there were a wealth of titles to choose from – I was spoilt for choice. Not only did they have a variety of amazing novels but they also had a variety of beautiful editions, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could have spent hours in there (I almost did!). From the low ceilings and upholstered couches to the worn, leather armchair and vintage trinkets adorning the shelves and the walls, I had never been so charmed by a book ‘store’ before. The vintage-feel and uniqueness of quite literally have a book shop on the water were a new, refreshing way to browse the literature that I love. And, if the charming interiors and the hundreds of books were not enough to draw me in, the owner’s absolutely beautiful dog and his pet parrots were definitely enough. I fell in love with his beautiful dog who was so calm and friendly, and his parrots who would happily have a chat with you whilst you browse. The staff members were also incredibly attentive, friendly and happy to help and discuss the books with you. I picked up a beautiful copy of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and a hardback Chiltern edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and I was extremely pleased with my choices. For all book lovers visiting or living in London, I couldn’t recommend Word on the Water more. 

Click here to visit Word on the Water’s website for more information.

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Daunt Books, Marylebone

Daunt Books
⌲ 84 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 4QW

Daunt Books, Marylebone. Every book lovers dream? I think so. From the interior decor, to the plethora of literature on offer, Daunt Books has every aspect of a perfect bookstore you could ever dream of. Nestled amongst chic boutique stores and eateries on Marylebone High Street, Daunt Books is an independent booksellers selling a variety of books, but with a main focus on travel writing. If Marylebone isn’t the location for you, they also have stores in Holland Park, Hampstead, Cheapside, Chelsea and Belsize Park, but the Marylebone store really is the diamond in the crown jewels.

On entry into the Marylebone store, Daunt Books seems like a standard bookstore: shelves galore and a counter at the front. But walking through the small corridor into the larger of rooms, a literary Narnia exists. Adorned with books wall-to-wall and ceiling high, Daunt’s main features are for sure the ethereal stained glass windows and the overarching balconies that you can walk along, overlooking the oak wood floors and reupholstered armchairs below. Tables scattered around the floor are filled with the current, most popular literature from all around the world, and beside these are brown leather armchairs in which you can sit and peruse the best that Daunt has to offer. The balconies offer not only a view over the store but also more space for books – every book you could imagine is in the store. Coming down from the balconies leads you to a staircase; this one leading to the lower floor. The lower floor is a treasure trove of novels relating to international travel and exploration, sectioned into continents, you can travel around the world by visiting this one room in the store. Tables adorned with vases of flowers, and even more armchairs for reading, this floor is just as charming as the other.

For any book lovers in or around Marylebone, or London in general, Daunt Books is a must-visit. Whether you’re on the hunt for some new reading material or would just like to visit one of the most calming and charming bookstores in London, Daunt Books is the place to go.