Porto, Portugal

Yesterday, I travelled from Coimbra to Porto, to explore the city and add another Portuguese city to my list of places I’ve seen. Every time I travel back to Coimbra, I fly to Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, and up until yesterday, the airport and Campanhã train station were the only parts of Porto that I knew. I decided to kill the curiosity, and pay a visit to the city, and I am so glad that I did. The day didn’t quite start off as we’d planned, as we caught the wrong train by accident. Miraculously, we still managed to end up at Campanhã, and took the metro to Trindade, and from there explored the city. We used the city sightseeing buses, which I would highly recommend to anybody looking to visit Porto. It cost €10 for an all day ticket, which took us to all of the tourist points in the city and we were able to hop on and off of the bus anywhere we liked, it was super useful. We saw all the main attractions, such as A Ponte de Dom Luís I, A Palácio da Bolsa and A Igreja de São Francisco. We drank chocolate quente and ate pastéis de nata in A Casa de Chocolate and took photos of the ‘Porto’ sign. We wandered up the Avenida de Aliados and visited the souvenir shops. We visited the beach, which was strange in January, we passed the river Douro and we hopped on and off the metro and buses all day long. It was certainly a far cry from the quaint streets of Coimbra, but nevertheless absolutely stunning. Porto is a city that has the best of everything: the beach, the river and a bustling city centre with gorgeous architecture. I hope you enjoy my photographs.


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